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During his 20 years with the Texas State Comptroller's office, Dr. Don Hoyte pioneered the administration of Texas' Event Trust Fund statutes, approving more than $35 million in event funding for some 18 events. As the Comptroller's expert in the analysis of the economic and tax impacts of the various Texas Event Trust Funds, he developed the methods used by the Comptroller to assess the impact of the 2004 Super Bowl, the 2004 and 2008 NCAA Final Fours, the 2006 MLB All Star Game, the 2006 NBA All Star game and the 2007 Big 12 Football Championship, among other events.

While trained as a regional economist specializing in assessing economic impacts, Don realized that as the administrator of the Event Trust Fund application process that just grasping theoretical economic principles was not enough to support funding events under this complex legislation.  What was required was a coupling of sound economic analysis with a keen understanding of the Texas tax system---the kind of depth of knowledge that comes with two decades of Texas tax experience.

Don's years of academic and practical consulting experience are backed up by strategic partnerships with equally experienced financial professionals who have safely negotiated the sometimes stormy waters of public finance and accounting.  The Texas Trust Fund team can help you fund your event from initial application to payment and final audit based on experience AND credentials.

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